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    A Multifaceted Artist with a Background in Engineering, Design, and the NFT World

    Hello and welcome to Sturec's NFT Gallery! I am an artist specializing in creating unique digital artworks. I am excited to share my collection with you and invite you to explore the various themes and styles represented in my NFTs.

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  • Illustration NFTs

    Sturec's Cotton Landy, where her collection lived, was a place that many dreamt of living in. It was a digital world where the colors were soft and pastel, the landscapes were idyllic, and the air was always fresh. People would come from far and wide to experience this utopia and many decided to make it their permanent home. But as time passed, they realized that there was a glitch in the matrix...

    Despite this imperfection, the collection of NFTs within Cotton Landy range from cute and quirky to dark and edgy, and are created using a combination of traditional and digital techniques, offering something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Sail-o-Bots

    (a.k.a SeaHams) NFT Collection of 750 unique editions on ArtBlocks.io by Sturec - The story of the Sail-o-bots NFT Collection was inspired by the artist's own personal journey and experiences, bringing a deeper level of meaning and connection to these 750 unique artworks. They are the mischief of the sea, have their own tiny boats to sail but they prefer to stand still, and watch the sunset. Until the next day comes, Sail-o-bots wait, they do not eat, they do not sleep, that's why they are on edge from time to time.

    But seriously, who cares about all that deep, meaningful stuff about the artist or the Bots? Do not give a shit about Sturec at all.
  • Generative NFTs

    Feeling like your life is just one big algorithm? Escape into the world of generative art, where the lines between man and machine blur and anything is possible. These NFTs are created using algorithms and computer programs, resulting in unpredictable works of art.

    Because nothing says 'exciting' quite like staring at a screen, watching as lines of code come together to create something that could have been made by a bot, so I invite you to come and check out my computer's latest work of art.
  • $WHALE Art Showcase
    Dive into the world of liquidity mining with these special NFTs. From generative art to 2D animations, these works also offer the opportunity to earn more $WHALE tokens.
  • Art For a Cause

    The Art For a Cause NFT Collection series is a powerful initiative that seeks to raise awareness about mental health disorders and promote healing and self-care through the medium of digital art. The collection features a diverse range of artworks from talented artists from around the world, each one carefully curated to reflect the theme of mental health and wellness.

    The collection features a wide range of styles, including abstract, surreal, and representational art. Each piece captures different aspects of mental health, from the struggles and challenges to the moments of hope and healing. Some artworks depict the feelings of isolation and loneliness that often accompany mental health disorders, while others offer messages of encouragement and support.
  • Conflict Series
    the Conflict NFT Collection, a limited edition set of 19 digital artworks available exclusively on SuperRare. Each piece in the collection tells a story of conflict and resolution, inviting viewers to explore the complexities of the human experience.
  • About the Artist Sturec

    Thank you for visiting Sturec's NFT Gallery. My name is Sturec and I am a multifaceted engineer/artist with a diverse background in engineering, design, and the NFT world. I have a degree in industrial engineering from METU and postgraduate education in computer-aided art and design. My educational background has given me a unique perspective on the world of digital art and I am always eager to learn and expand my skills.

    As an artist, I am always looking for new ways to express myself and share my art with the world. I believe that NFT art has the power to revolutionize the art world and I am excited to be a part of this movement. I hope that through my art, I can inspire others to pursue their passions and share their talents with the world.

    I hope you enjoy your journey through my collection and find something that speaks to you. Learn more about my background and creative process here.
Illustration NFTs
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Sail-o-Bots NFT collection on ArtBlocks.io
Generative NFTs
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$WHALE Art Showcase featuring Sturec's NFTs
 Art for a Cause: Mental Health Awareness - NFT
                  collection by Sturec on MakersPlace
Conflict Series NFTs by Sturec on SuperRare
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