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About Sturec

NFT Artist who loves geometry and colors with a Diverse Background

a multifaceted artist & engineer with a lifetime of trying to find a career that not only suites but also inspires...

Sturec, an NFT artist known for their abstract style

The World of Sturec's One-of-a-Kind NFT Art

Created by an Engineer/Artist with a Diverse Set of Experiences

Who Am I?

Sturec is a multifaceted engineer/artist with a diverse background in engineering, design, and the NFT world. With a degree in industrial engineering from METU and postgraduate education in design and computer-aided art and design, Sturec brings a unique perspective to the world of digital art.
In addition to her educational background, Sturec has also spent the past seven years making tattoos, working in Istanbul and Bangkok. She has a passion for exploring new mediums and is always eager to learn and expand her skills.
Sturec is an artist who is deeply committed to exploring the human experience through her art. She is particularly drawn to the use of bold colors and intricate geometry, which she incorporates into her work in striking and original ways.
Her use of bold colors is intended to evoke strong emotions and reactions from her viewers, and to draw them into the world she has created. She believes that color is a powerful tool for communicating ideas and feelings, and she uses it to great effect in her art.
In addition to her use of bold colors, Sturec is also known for her intricate geometric shapes and patterns. These elements are often used to create a sense of movement and energy in her pieces, and to add a sense of depth and complexity.
Through her use of these elements, Sturec creates art that tries to be food for thought. She encourages viewers to look beyond the surface of her pieces, and to consider the deeper meaning and emotions that they convey.

NFT Art Journey

Since 2018, Sturec has been an experienced creative person in the NFT and blockchain industry, with over four years of experience creating and selling unique NFT artworks on prestigious marketplaces such as SuperRare, MakersPlace, Knownorigin, and Artblocks. Her NFT collection "Sail-o-bots" (also known as SeaHams by Sturec) has achieved a secondary volume of 5,878 Ethereum on OpenSea.
Sturec is a versatile and innovative artist who is always pushing the boundaries of digital art. She has participated in several exhibitions and workshops, and has been interviewed about her work and the NFT industry.
However, Sturec's journey as an artist has not been without its challenges. Despite achieving success in the NFT market, she faced some bad experiences in the space. These experiences took a toll on her creativity and motivation, and she decided to take a break from the scene for a year.
During this time, Sturec focused on self-care and reflection. She tried to reconnect with her passion for art. Eventually, she felt ready to re-enter the NFT space, but with a renewed sense of purpose and a more cautious approach.
Sturec returned to the NFT world back in 2022, with a renewed commitment only to her craft. She is determined to create art that would inspire and connect with people, and to work with people who would respect her as a human-being.
We invite you to explore Sturec's unique and inspiring digital art and be a part of her creative journey.

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