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Sailobots NFT Collection on

Discover the Mischief and Multifaceted Art of Sail-o-bots a.k.a SeaHams NFTs

The Artistic Success

Exploring the Artistic World of Sail-o-bots NFT a.k.a SeaHams: From Mischief to Multifaceted NFTs on by Sturec

The Sail-o-bots NFT collection by Sturec is a series of 750 unique digital artworks featuring animations, coding, and design. The genesis edition of the collection is particularly special, featuring one of Sturec's unique pink color from her classical color palette (since her childhood), which just so happens to resemble the hue of a ham, gave the collection its nickname, "SeaHams". The project is a full generative art feature that was written in p5.js and includes animated landscape elements.

Sturec's Sailobots NFT collection is a standout among digital artworks. The collection has gained significant market success on and OpenSea NFT marketplace, with a secondary volume of 5,878 Ethereum in . These unique pieces are more than just visual eye candy – they are multifaceted works that explore concepts, perceptions, and even basic human needs as outlined in Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Sturec has donated all her secondary profits from the Sail-o-bots a.k.a. SeaHams NFT collection to mental health support, as a way of giving back and supporting others who have experienced similar injustice like she had.

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Cover image of the Sail-o-bots NFT collection by Sturec featuring unique digital artworks with animations, coding, and design

Uncover the Inspiring Story Behind the Collection

The story of the Sail-o-bots was inspired by the artist's own personal journey and experiences, bringing a deeper level of meaning and connection to these digital artworks.

But what sets Sail-o-bots apart from other NFT collections? For starters, they are the mischief of the sea, with their own tiny boats to sail, but they prefer to stand still and watch the sunset. These creatures don't need to eat or sleep, and this lack of basic needs puts them on edge from time to time. However, don't judge them too quickly – each Sail-o-bot has its own messages to convey, whether you choose to take them in or simply admire their shiny exterior.

Exploring the Multifaceted Art: A Journey of Constant Discovery

Sail-o-bots are also known for their inconsistent style, which might be seen as a weakness by some. However, this multifaceted approach allows them to explore multiple disciplines and never stop discovering more. They are constantly going back and forth between different versions, always seeking to discover more about themselves – a journey that may never truly end.

Sail-o-bots NFT Collection by Sturec on
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Example of a Sail-o-bots (SeaHams) NFT featuring an animated landscape with a variety of color palettes

To sum it up, the Sail-o-bots NFT collection is just a bunch of digital artworks that were made by some person named Sturec, who apparently has a unique pink color that reminded people of ham. We're not really sure what that has to do with anything, but hey, at least the collection has gained some market success on some fancy art marketplaces.

But seriously, who cares about all that deep, meaningful stuff? Just buy the Sail-o-bots (SeaHams) because they look cool and are on some fancy art marketplaces, making some undeserving people rich.

Plus, the artist has been really generous and donated all her profits to mental health support, which is definitely not just a way to gain some positive PR after experiencing some kind of injustice.

Don't listen to the haters – they're just jealous of the Sail-o-bots' shiny exterior and the fact that they can stand still and watch the sunset all day without needing to eat or sleep while you stare at your mediocre, uninspiring surroundings. Buy the collection because it's the cool thing to do and you want to be part of the hype.

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